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Beatles love (mothergodam)
Posted by vidmaker_19 on 2006.02.23 at 19:14

Disney Trivia Quiz #6

New Awesome Prize!!! See under the cut!!!

It’s time again, are you ready for it? Because here comes Disney Trivia Quiz #6, and you voted for the topic this time. So, you ask, what’s the topic? Well, your votes made it happen, the topic this time, with a total of twelve votes is ”Drumroll...”Collapse )

Ready to sign up? Just send an email to DizzyDisneyEyes@aol.com and I’ll put you on the participant list! I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to ask.

XP, thank you, mod, for allowing the post. If it is a problem, please delete and accept my apology.


My first "rant"

Posted by _midnightsyren_ on 2005.11.16 at 18:12
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I don't know if it's just because I'm "old fashioned" but does anyone else think it slightly odd/wrong for there to be a bar and freaking mall right outside Disneyland?
I mean if the stores outside Disneyland, INSIDE DOWNTOWN DISNEY, were disney related I would have no problems, but they are these random surfing and fashion shops that have nothing to do with disney what so ever. And the cafes and such that are there are just as random as the shops. I mean can see how some of them relate to disneyland like the Rainforest Cafe *Jungle Book* but putting in a sports club is ridiculous! I go to Disneyland for DISNEY. If I wanted to watch football, I could have stayed home or watched that in my hotel room. AND if I wanted Lego's or surf items, I would go to the closest shopping mall. It also pisses me off that there is a bar where you can get drunk and waltz right back into Disneyland, ruining the family atmosphere. I guess what bugs me the most is that it seems as though the heads of Disney don't see those passing through the gates of Disneyland as guests or people. They see them as walking money bags. The emphasis of family has almost been wiped clean from the minds of those running the show. It's all about pleasing the stock holders and earning more green fiber. The once Holy Grail of my obsession has begun to rust from corruption of the basic principals that at one time made it stand above all other entertainment companies.*sigh*

::don't get me wrong, I do like some of the things the heads of disney have done, but those actions are far out weighed by the mistakes they continue to make::

I've never heard these terms before joining this comm:

Golden Age, a second golden age, and a rennisance, now its time for a Revolution!

(...well, I've heard of them, but not in reference to Disney...)

Since I've never had them defined for me, I got to thinking about phases we can see in the history of Disney:

golden ageCollapse )

renaissanceCollapse )

second golden ageCollapse )

revolutionCollapse )

Okay, that went on longer than I’d planned, so lj cut for your reading pleasure. Any thoughts, or difference of opinion, or coexisting opinions? Let’s get this comm started!

Posted by enigmasapple on 2005.10.29 at 12:37
This new community is for Disney fans who realise that Eisner was great when Wells was alive, but failed after the death of Mr. Wells. However, we notice the improvement at the company with the new CEO, Mister Bob Iger.

The comunity is to post icons, news, reviews, articles, and any thing Disney.

Any opinion is welcome, but we also realise improvements are coming as we speak.



1) No bad language; Disney is a family company, and lets keep it that way.
2) Opinions are welcome, but we are not bias, and view the company as a whole.
3) Grammar does not matter!
4) Remember Disney owns many companys, including ABc, The Family Channel, Nestle, and many others. Also, review these companys.
5) DEBATES ARE WELCOME, but respect the other members, and make sure your opinion is based on facts; if not please state it is not.
6) HAVE FUN!!!

Remember folks, 2D was not just taken away because of money, but also corporate grudge, and Iger has welcomed it back with Rapunzel's new process, where 2D drawings are fed to the computer and our edited to be shiny and more detailed.

There was a Golden Age, a second golden age, and a rennisance, now its time for a Revolution!